The New Functor

The latex is so nice here that I almost changed my mind about staying at Blogger. That is, until I found out that there is only a limited amount of free upload space on WordPress. The Old Functor still rules.

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    carlbrannen said,

    Kea! I really don’t see how you could have chosen colors that caused my eyes more pain than this.

    I was looking for your official link to your new paper. I know it’s around here somewhere.

  2. 2

    Kea said,

    OK, if I actually start using this blog at some point, I will change the colour!

  3. 3

    nc said,

    Yes the colours here are unhelpful for reading. The text is in awfully weak contrast to the background, and it is in small typefont as well. But it is very useful to know that WordPress supports PDF uploads, thanks, since I have a wordpress blog now as my main blog. I think WordPress allows something like 55 MB of uploads, which is a LOT of PDF data. That might even be enough to hold Kea’s entire PhD thesis if it’s too big and innovative to go on the arXiv.

    I’ve tested the PDF upload facility on WordPress by putting a copy of Tony Smith’s “Banned by Cornell” 340 pages-long 4.18 MB heavily illustrated PDF book here, and it seems to work very well (it downloads in just a few seconds on my broadband wireless connection). It’s very good to know that there is now an alternative to arXiv that seems likely to stay available indefinitely (the problem with paid-for domains is that their content is deleted from the internet as soon as you get shot by muggers, or break your neck falling down the stairs), and doesn’t involve having to submit to “free” sites that are overly subsidised by annoying pop-up banners and other excessive advertising.

  4. 4

    nc said,

    ‘That is, until I found out that there is only a limited amount of free upload space on WordPress’.

    My wordpress blog states that the upload limit is 3 GB.

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