Change of Season

Since I moved to Christchurch five years ago I have, while penniless, moved abode 16 times, been through 5 thesis supervisors, been hospitalised 3 times and once missing presumed dead (and the geniuses in my department seemed a bit surprised to discover I was stressed). Now after 6 months in the same home I feel positively settled! And today it mysteriously turns out that I’m a prominent blogger of some kind, at least according to Math Bloggers. But must run: I have an interview for a waitressing job in town.


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  1. 1

    Kea said,

    P.S. At least I did earn one nice bunch of flowers for all that – from the police department.

  2. 2

    L. Riofrio said,

    Good to hear that you have a roof overhead, though some mathematicians have benefitted from the wandering life. A with Kepler, it may lead to insights that would escape the “settled” career.

  3. 3

    L. Riofrio said,

    Expanding: In the US there is a phenomenon of people who have every physical need provided and are still miserable. In academia people have cushy jobs, have never worn a uniform or done any sort of labour. They wallow in self-absorbed misery while contributing to communist variance.

  4. 4

    Kea said,

    Good to hear that you have a roof overhead…

    Yeah, it was a tough decision, but the place will be particularly nice over summer.

  5. 5

    CarlBrannen said,

    It’s okay to be a wandering scholar, living in poverty, until you get to the age where you need to get your teeth fixed.

    I guess Paul Erdos never got that old.

  6. 6

    Matti Pitkanen said,

    Sounds familiar. I hoped that my recent rent apartment, which I like very much, would be the final one but it seems that within a year or so I must find a new place because the house will be sold.

    During and after economic depression there was a period when I could not even afford proper eye glasses and ergonomy and had to suffer horrible head aches. Now my situation is much better apart from the constant fear that computer breaks down. I must however say that everytime this kind of catastrophe have occurred I have found some friendly soul helping me. People as inviduals are in general very friendly and helpful but as members of academic community they suffer a strange metamorphosis.

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