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After telling Tommaso Dorigo that search terms for this blog were boring, it now turns out that AF is at least high on a google search for pizza + theory + cheers (with absolutely no qualification regarding any specific physics or mathematics). Who are all these people? Don’t they know* that I give women a bad name? If you’re looking for a great pizza recipe, folks, I’m afraid you came to the wrong place! Hmmm. How about seared venison, English spinach, Kalamata olives, a fine Kapiti goat’s cheese and roast kumara on a thin crust. * This may have something to do with my lack of faith in the Dark Force ($\Lambda$), Higgs bosons or SUSY partners.

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    L. Riofrio said,

    Yummy looking photo! One can’t beat a brick oven. Usually I cook spinach and feta cheese pizzas. IN New York they make the crust thin so you can fold it like a taco. A personal favourite is Chicago-style deepdish on a conrnmeal crust piled high with everything.

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    Kea said,

    Spinach and feta sounds yummy! I hope we can share a pizza one day.

  3. 3

    CarlBrannen said,

    Since getting laid off in 2002 I’ve apparently lost 7 inches around my waist. I say apparently because I don’t measure it.

    I bought this belt some years ago. It came with 5 holes drilled at the factory. As I lost weight, I had to cut new holes with my pocket knife. It now has 7 hand made holes.

    About half the weight loss was from becoming less sedentary. Digital engineering means sitting in a comfortable chair all day listening to rock and roll. The other half is cause I quit eating after 3PM, to avoid night-time indigestion, a problem which also plagues my father.

    Not eating after 3PM leaves me very hungry in the evenings. I know it’s good for me, but dang, this was too tempting a picture to put in front of a guy for whom losing weight is so difficult.

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