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Well, Abel sums don’t seem to be too popular, so how about some real news from the front: Tommaso Dorigo reports on new D0 results at odds with non-relativistic QCD, namely upsilon polarisation. Since I have no problem with filching pictures, the relevant graph is this one: The new black data points for the Y(1S) state (9460 MeV $c^{-2}$), along with some older CDF points, show a behaviour for the polarisation parameter $\alpha$ which is very different from the yellow NRQCD band. The Y(2S) state is consistent with NRQCD. Note that the fourth CDF point is consistent with the D0 result, but not simultaneously with NRQCD, whereas the central two CDF points appear to be at odds with the D0 results, which show a clear momentum dependence for polarisation. The large negative offset is consistent with a significant longitudinal polarisation.

In case people are wondering, the relative locations of CDF and D0 are shown on this Fermilab map. The nearby town is situated to the West. I’d like to visit one day.

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    Matti Pitkanen said,

    Dear Kea,

    sorry for no comments. I read with interest previous postings and checked that the p-adic roots for the question for the generating function J in blogrolling II converge for all p-adic number fields as function of sqrt(x) (y=1/sqrt(x)).

    Unfortunately I am too busy with other things (I am going to little weekend conference 16-20 August) to continue to learn this topic more. Some more professional mathematician might find it fascinating to look for the zoo of generating functions appearing in mathematics to find their p-adic variants and trying to interpret them.

  2. 2

    promoteyourblogforfree said,

    nice blog

  3. 3

    a quantum diaries survivor said,

    Hi Kea,

    one thing I did not mention in my post is that CDF will redo the measurement soon. The green points are a rather old result… I think it would be interesting to see how the new CDF point will match the D0 ones or not.

    Cheers (and tx for lk),

  4. 4

    CarlBrannen said,

    A friend told me that part of the reason for Paris Hilton’s change of behavior is that she spent her time in jail studying functors.

    Maybe a frank discussion of the relationship between movie stars, drinking, and arcane mathematics would increase the number of readers.

    Or maybe it’s that time of year where people (in the right side up half of the planet) are on vacation.

  5. 5

    Kea said,

    Thanks, Tommaso and Matti, and enjoy your summer, Carl! The reason I don’t talk about The Glamorous is because one sentence would quickly reveal my stunning ignorance of such things, which might make for humourous reading but would unlikely increase the number of scientifically minded readers.

  6. 6

    L. Riofrio said,

    Unfortunately, there was hardly time in Chicago to cross the street much less visit Fermilab. Perhaps we will visit together sometime. You haven’t missed much by not following tabloid news.

    Women’s freedom has been under constant assault by this insurgency and their accomplices in the media. This year the surge has turned our way, with the bimbos self-destructing or ending up in rehab.

  7. 7

    CarlBrannen said,

    I’ve thought about this some more. One of the odd features of my version of preons is that they tie the color force into the spin direction. And spin direction is tied into velocity (by the usual handedness stuff). So I would expect some odd things to show up when you look at relationships between quark spins and color. That NRQCD doesn’t quite fit the bill seems like a natural consequence.

  8. 8

    Kea said,

    I was wondering what you’d think about this, Carl. It’s nice to know there may be plenty of time before CDF redo the experiment to come up with some concrete predictions….

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