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Jacques Distler has finally figured out why Condensed Matter physicists are keen on pentagons and hexagons these days. Louise Riofrio continues with a series of informative posts on new spacesuit designs, for the serious traveller. And the wonderful David Corfield links to a great paper on operads by Manin et al. One has to wonder what Manin is thinking about these days: working on operads one minute, and with Marcolli, an expert on the Riemann hypothesis, the next.


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    CarlBrannen said,

    Kea, that WordPress LaTex sure is nice.

    I just typed in a short introduction to Bilson-Thompson’s Helon model of the fermions and gauge bosons.

    I wonder if I should type up a post on the Koide formula or instead do something on Clifford algebra.

  2. 2

    kneemo said,

    Nice find Kea! A friend of mine is actually doing research with Rezayi at this time. However, I wasn’t aware that the Read-Rezayi system was shown to be universal for quantum computation. I’m going to talk to my friend a little more about this.

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    nosy snoopy said,

    “…And the wonderful David Corfield links to a great paper on operads by Manin et al. One has to wonder what Manin is thinking about these days…”

    This paper is just nightmare.:)

    “It is interesting to notice that the classical theory of recursive functions must refer
    to a very special and in a sense universal algebra over a non–linear “computational
    operad”, but nobody so far was able to formalize the latter. Main obstacle is
    this: a standard description of any partially recursive function produces a circuit
    that may contain cycles of an a priori unknown multiplicity and eventually infinite
    subprocesses producing no output at all.”

    What does it mean “classical theory of recursive functions”? Is there a “nonclassical computational operad”? Is Manin thinking about nonclassical theory of computation, or what, eh, Kea?

  4. 4

    Kea said,

    Hi nosy snoopy. Recursive function theory can be looked at as a part of Turing machine theory, which is a very literal way of seeing it as ‘classical’, and no doubt Manin is actually interested in quantum analogues. As he says, there is as yet no real notion of non-classical operad, because people who try to apply operads to quantum questions usually assume that quantization is of the traditional kind – even Kontsevich does this, whereas there should be a more canonical notion of quantumness in terms of higher operads.

  5. 5

    nosy snoopy said,

    aaay :] spasibo. I am stupid.

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