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As the summer hots up, the gossip is flying. Reports about Strings 07 from both Peter Woit and the PF people make the claim that Witten’s talk will be about LQG type quantum gravity. Hmm. I don’t recall seeing the j-invariant in many LQG papers.

Secret Blogging Seminar just ran what was probably the first real Live Blogging session from a mathematics conference talk. Meanwhile I must busy myself preparing a poster for GRG18. I’m looking forward to that week in the sun!


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    Matti Pitkanen said,

    The little I know about LQG is that it is 3+1-D theory with 3-geometries as basic objects expressed in terms of loop variables. Witten considers 3-D theory with Chern Simons action: in this case 2-geometries would be the basic dynamical objects. Witten himself made clear that he has no idea about how to generalize the theory to 4-D context.

    A connection to 4-D theory in TGD framework is obtained if one brings in holography, replaces 3-metrics with light-like 3-surfaces (light-likeness constraint is possible by 4-D general coordinate invariance), and accepts the new view about S-matrix implied by the zero energy ontology.

    It is crucial that the generalized (non-unitary) S-matrix, or Matrix as it might be called- defines zero energy state rather than being something universal. U-matrix between zero energy states defines the counterpart of ordinary S-matrix but relates to consciousness rather than particle reactions.The detailed argument is at my blog.

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    L. Riofrio said,

    Wonderful that you are presenting at GRG18! Sydney in July could be cold.

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