Happy New Year

Lieven Le Bruyn has created a new blog, Moonshine Math (yes, the j-invariant!), born on Bloomsday as promised. Today also signals the coming of the new year, as Matariki rises in the sky. Maybe this year I’ll get less spam telling me I don’t need to be an average man any longer. Meanwhile, yesterday Mottle had an interesting post on a new paper by Dvali which considers a large number of copies of SM particle species as a route to explaining the heirarchy problem. Sounds a bit familiar.

Tommaso Dorigo posts about the D0 and CDF discovery of the $\Xi_{b}$ particle with a mass of $5.774 \pm 0.019$ GeV/$c^2$, which is about six times the proton mass. This particle is made of one down, one strange and one bottom quark.

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    Matti Pitkanen said,

    The idea about very many copies of low mass copies of standard model particle spectrum sounds somehow familiar to me also(;-). More and more often I encounter things which sound like echoes;-).

    By the way, the last issue of New Scientist contains an article about the discovery that only roughly one half of DNA expresses itself as aminoacid sequences.

    A lot of introns, the “junk DNA” are transcribed to RNA. What this RNA might do? Topological quantum computation? As I have suggested for years ago. See the comments at my blog.

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    Doug said,

    Kea, I am again advocating my old refrain.

    The Dvali paper abstract contains “… maximum modulo N …” and inequality mathematics.
    Is this in the realm of mathematical game theory?

    Compare the Farey sequence [0,1/2,1] to the reciprocal sequence [1,2,oo].
    a – Limit theory shows that 0 and oo are reciprocals.
    b – 0 is an additive constant in the usual antrhropic numbering system.
    c – 1 is a multiplicative constant in the usual antrhropic numbering system.
    d – 1/2 is ‘half-way’ between 0 and 1.

    Does this allow us to consider oo as a constant and if so what type?
    – in the Min-Plus [or Tropical] Algebra sytem, oo [or +oo] is used as the MAX constant.
    – in Max-Plus Algebra -oo is used as the MIN constant.
    – These algebras are extensions of game theory.

    Does this mean that 2 is ‘half-way’ between 1 and oo?
    – in a proportional rather than unit number line, indeed 2 is ‘half-way’ between 1 and oo due to reciprocity.

    Congratulations on making a rather elite blog roll at ‘MoonshineMath’.

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    L. Riofrio said,

    Tommaso’s post is very exciting, a new baryon! With the troubles to LHC, Tevatron is becoming the little engine that could.

  4. 4

    kneemo said,

    A new baryon! I’d like to read what Carl thinks about this.

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