The W Factor

Tommaso Dorigo has a wonderful post today on the W boson width, which is measured to be $2.032 \pm 0.071$ GeV. Since he could not post the picture showing the full collection of these results, I will post it here. Observe that the result agrees very well with ‘Standard Model’ predictions, based on nine simple decay channels of the W boson into pairs. Don’t ask me about the LEP-2 error bars.


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    L. Riofrio said,

    Thanks for posting the diagram, and thanks to Tommaso for many interesting posts. The Standard Model of particle physics has many supporting experiments.

    There is a model of cosmology–calling it “LCDM” didn’t catch on, neither did naming it “Concorde cosmology” for a plane that no longer flies. Recently they have tried to name it “standard cosmological model” in imitation of particle physics. Too confusing!

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    Kea said,

    Thanks Louise. Regarding Gravity, I am pleased to see that you registered for GRG18. I look forward to meeting you at last.

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