Victoria Canterbury

The joint UVW and UC Gravity Workshop kicks off today with a talk by Yongmin Cho from Korea entitled Restricted Gravity. David Wiltshire will then talk about his no DE cosmology, although this isn’t clear from the title. Will report later.

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    L. Riofrio said,

    No DE? Sounds great, can’t wait to hear about it. We are still winning

  2. 2

    Kea said,

    Hi Louise

    Yeah, he says the paper will go on the arxiv next week. He went through it in the talk. It’s not a varying c model, but it covers an impressive amount of experimental stuff – WMAP, the Hubble bubble, various paradoxes etc. none of which can be explained by a DE theory. Maybe our friends at CV will read the paper.

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    Kea said,

    Of course his model involves Mach’s principle – viewing structure formation as an evolution of inhomogeneities, one must take into account the variance in clocks due to regions of different densities. The way I see it, this could be an effective varying c picture, because the meaning of ‘c’ is all about clocks after all. Anyway, he has worked it out in gory detail.

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