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On Thursday Jan 25, John Conway will be speaking at the University of Auckland about his Game of Life. He’s a good speaker, so make it if you can.

A new regular Kiwi event is the Victoria-Canterbury Gravity workshop, which will be held on Feb 7-8 this year at the University of Canterbury. There will be a talk entitled Gravitational Charge in Ribbon Graph M-Theory and other goodies. If you’re thinking of coming, I promise that the summer weather is generally much better than the weather we had for the Kerrfest, namely three days of wind and freezing rain.


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    Doug said,

    Hi Kea

    Please see a comment that I just posted in your Saturday, January 13, 2007 Random Thoughts post.

    Tne comment would be more appropriate for this post [but I did not see it until after the previous posting], since John Conway works with the Monster as well as game theory.

    The DNGT book also deals with bimatrix games!

    Is the bimonster in this category?

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    Doug said,

    Hi Kea

    I trust that lecture by John Horton Conway went well – “in Conway’s provocative wording, if experimenters have free will, then so do elementary particles.”

    Another game theorist, John Forbes Nash Jr, “As a graduate student I studied mathematics fairly broadly and I was fortunate enough, besides developing the idea which led to “Non-Cooperative Games”, also to make a nice discovery relating to manifolds and real algebraic varieties. So I was prepared actually for the possibility that the game theory work would not be regarded as acceptable as a thesis in the mathematics department and then that I could realize the objective of a Ph.D. thesis with the other results.”

    I humbly suggest that you probably know more about game theory than you think and need only do some reading to utilize the mathematical tools you already have from this perspective.

    Another reference Steven M LaValle, ‘Planning Algorithms’ [PA] 2006, addresses this subject from a game theory, computer programming and robotics perspective, especially in 13.5.2 Differential Game Theory.

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    kneemo said,

    Hi Kea

    The title of your upcoming talk “Gravitational Charge in Ribbon Graph M-Theory ” is very catchy. The audience is in for a real treat. At this time I can only guess how you’re describing gravitational charge in this context.

    Sadly, I can’t make it to Conway’s talk. Maybe when he gives a talk on Octonions I’ll be able to stop by. Conway is one of the experts on building projective spaces from primitive idempotents, ya know.

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    Doug said,

    I was reading the n-Category Cafe. John Baez has a post ‘Traces in Ottawa’ that connects to the homepage of Paul-André Melliès through a partial trace diagram. [Google can translate the French into English.]

    The link specifically is to a slide lecture titled ‘Functorial boxes in string diagrams’. Slide 64 introduces “game semantics (Conway games)”. Slide 74 introduces “game semantics in string diagrams”.

    Additionally there is a 2005 vintage talk ‘Asynchronous games: a fully complete model of propositional linear logic’. Discussed are Mazurkiewicz traces, strategies (innocent, identity and idempotent), intuitionistic linear logic (phenomenon of control categories and category of games) and transforming a non-commutative into commutative contination monad.

    For the first time, I have seen someone use tensors in game theory!

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