Freezing Over

It might not happen as in the movie, but a possible consequence of changing ocean currents is a fast onset ice age. It is well known that rapid glaciation has occurred in the past. Who will be ready for that?

One respected colleague appears to think that girls will be on the beach in their bikinis, while the hardier men will be stuck in a crevasse on a large glacier. Well, the former would be preferable, I can assure you. It does not take long to make oneself some clothing. Sea levels will fall, but glaciers will quickly thicken and bury anyone who happens to find themselves near a current surface. Having myself fallen 20 metres to the bottom of a large crevasse on the Grosser Aletsch glacier, I can testify to the fact that infalling water and snow is unhelpful in fighting off the effects of hypothermia.

For those who are wondering, the new background photo is the view of Mt Cook from the terminal lake of the Hooker glacier. This glacier has been retreating rapidly for some time.


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    L. Riofrio said,

    HI Kea: There was a great deal of concern about warming at AGU, versus zip about “dark energy.” I will blog about that soon, and hope you and Mahndisa enjoy the post about cosmic ray neutrinos.

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