Colourful Coincidence

World climate change, environmental degradation, poverty, violence and more…and now we have to worry about problems at NASA. Where is that renewable resource of political Will that Al Gore spoke about? Apparently Lee Smolin’s book The Trouble with Physics discusses such serious issues. I haven’t seen a copy of it yet, but I’m looking forward to reading it. (Anyone feel like sending me a copy?)

When I was plotting the snow level data from the Snowy Mountain hydroelectric scheme twenty years ago, I observed that seasonal snow levels at 1800m had fallen 30% in 50 years. Everybody told me it was due to the formation of Jindabyne dam. They don’t say that anymore.

To cheer us up, I thought I’d show a pretty and colourful picture, from Huterer, of the CMBR and its coincidence with the ecliptic

People tell me that this is just because of the way photons interact with stuff on their way here. Oh, really. If there were local future horizons defining an ecliptic, then by T-duality their signature might appear in the cosmic CMBR. Apparently this is a more radical interpretation.

Have a nice day!

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